Author: David

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Purpose: success driver for entrepreneurs or just a fad?

Starting a venture can be extremely rewarding; financially, emotionally and psychologically. However, successful entrepreneurs endure weeks, months and even years of preparation before launching their venture. Recurring obstacles provide growth, change and improvement opportunities. This preparation work is extremely challenging as it is often unrecognised. It is also very hard to understand whether the venture …

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What does “startup” mean?

Nowadays the term “startup” is thrown around quite a lot. Not understanding what this term means can have extremely negative consequences on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It also deeply affects the long-term success (read: survival) of the venture. I argue that a first-time entrepreneur must be able to clearly identify the nature of his/her own venture, …

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Check if you are an entrepreneur.

I want to start by being blunt. Starting a company from scratch is not easy. Actually, let me rephrase that. Starting a company is hard. Think about it. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, right? And even though you might see a ton of people claiming to be entrepreneurs, take a closer …

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What it takes to be an entrepreneur. Really!

Are you thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? Great! Have you been thinking of becoming an entrepreneur for a long time? Even better! I hope that I can help you clarify if entrepreneurship is for you and, if so, how to start. There are several reasons stopping people from becoming entrepreneurs as well as several causes why entrepreneurs/startups …

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