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Is the 4-day workweek as foolish as it sounds?

Recent events have upended working life, changing how and where we work and live, and inspired many to guess on how economies and our lives will forever change. Some argue everything will go back to normal. Others that everything will change. I believe some things will change, to a certain extent, but that many things …

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Should you apply for an incubator or an accelerator?

The startup arena has its own vernacular. Navigating through it isn’t always obvious. All the hype around entrepreneurship and innovation doesn’t help either. Often, so-called “experts” use terms erroneously, potentially misleading unaware first-time founders. Data show that entrepreneurs who get help in building their startups have increased chances of attracting investment. Both incubators and accelerators …

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Human Resources as a catalyst for Innovation

Workforce engagement is low in Europe Recent stats show that up to 86% of the workforce in Europe is not engaged or actively disengaged from their work. This has serious implications for the bottom line of companies and the economy. Disengaged employees are disconnected from their companies and may be working against employers’ interests. This …

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What kind of rejection is good for entrepreneurs?

As a founder, expect rejection. But above all, learn from every single “no” you get. All entrepreneurs experience it and building up resilience is the only way forward. Hearing “no” is a daily routine for entrepreneurs. They hear it over lunch, dinner, over the phone, from someone leaving a meeting early or even from their friends over …

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10 books you must read before starting a business

All entrepreneurs make mistakes. Quite often mistakes lead to wasted opportunities, time and even money. But in fact, mistakes are part of the excitement of doing it. Otherwise, it would just be a dull and easy exercise. Anybody would be able to do it. Knowing that you are outsmarting the challenges is a huge thrill …

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Reducing innovation failure

Most of us are scared of failing. It’s normal and if you haven’t experienced it yet, trust me you are not doing anything worth your own time. Fear of failing can be immobilizing, and stop you from doing anything at all, from moving forward. I will do my best to be crystal clear. If a …

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