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Untamed Potential is advice for entrepreneurs. 

Hi, I am David Cruz e Silva an Innovation Consultant and the Co-founder of Hack & Hustle, where we provide business and strategy consulting services and help organisations create and implement stuff people actually want. I’m the main contributor of Untamed Potential and a coach and mentor for several startups and entrepreneurs.

Are you an aspiring young new entrepreneur? Want to learn how to become one? Do want to know how to innovate?

Untamed Potential focuses on the struggles and challenges faced by entrepreneurs. We believe in the power of today’s untamed potential to shape the future and our mission is to transform this latent potential and shake the world of tomorrow. By shining light on the power of purpose, focus and the right mindset, we help first-time entrepreneurs unleashing their unrestrained ambition.

Most of the content is targeted towards young first time entrepreneurs.

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